ONE WAY!: 7 Powerful Benefits of Recognizing Jesus as the Only Way to Eternal Salvation

Jesus stands out as the most unique figure in the religions of the world. He made a bold claim that He was the only way to have a relationship with Almighty God. And yet, many of the other world religions set forth beliefs that are contrary to Jesus’ claims. What is so exceptional about what Jesus accomplished? Why is He different than any other religious figure?

ONE WAY! will answer these kinds of questions and more. In this book you will see:

  • How Jesus did for you what you could never do for yourself
  • How Jesus dealt with the universal problem of sin
  • How Jesus conquered death and why it matters to you
  • Why Jesus is the only one who can make peace with God for you
  • How Jesus made a way for you to know your eternal destiny

ONE WAY! will take you on a journey to experience and understand the incredible assignment Jesus undertook for you. He alone opened the door for you to receive the most amazing gift ever given.