COOPERATING WITH GOD: How To Partner With Your Creator For Supernatural Results

God Wants To Work WITH you!

COOPERATING WITH GOD is about how to cooperate with God to see changes happen in your life. God wants to help us with these changes, but many times He is waiting on us to do our part. We don’t see God manifest Himself because we haven’t learned how to cooperate with Him.

Your life can be more fun and exciting when you learn to cooperate with God.

You can save a lot of time when you understand how to cooperate with God.

You can eliminate a lot of stress and anxiety when you learn to cooperate with God.

Your life can take on a new depth when you follow the steps necessary to cooperate with God.

This book is designed to reach all those people who are wondering why God isn’t working in their lives. You will learn the specific practical and spiritual actions to take which will open the door for God’s enabling power to be demonstrated in your life.

What others are saying about “COOPERATING WITH GOD”:

Must read. You'll be equipped and get improved understanding. Getting knowledge of Holy Spirit and Baptism. Yay, excellent book. Well written. –Paula

Great book. –James