by Randy Clark in General

Okay, here is the last balanced living paradigm I want you to consider. If you missed the first two parts, here are links to Part 1 and Part 2. Living a balanced life requires you to be willing to take action to make something happen. I have met too many people who think they are “waiting on God” to move on their behalf. But I have discovered that many times God is “waiting on YOU” to act so He can help you.


Many times God’s plans can’t be implemented until we cooperate with Him. Believing in God’s sovereignty doesn’t mean we have no part in establishing His will on the earth. God has given man the authority to choose to cooperate with Him or to resist Him. Cooperation brings God’s plans to pass. Resistance hinders God’s purposes from being manifested.

There is a balance between trust and action. Cooperating means we learn how to work together with God. When we face challenges in life we have to realize there are some things only God can do and some things we are required to do.

For example, if you need to find a new job you could go to a couple of extreme positions. One extreme would be to sit at home and pray for God to move on an employer to call you and offer you a job. Unfortunately, you would probably soon be destitute if you go down that road. God is certainly capable of doing what you asked, but there is no precedent in the Bible for you to simply wait at home for a supernatural miracle job to manifest.

Another extreme would be to ignore God and put your resume out on every internet job posting board you can find. Your chances of success, however, are not good since most employers ignore the thousands of resumes posted on those sites.

But what if you took another position where you combined trusting in God and taking action on your own. What if you got up early each day and prayed for God to give you wisdom and divine favor in your job search? Then what if you began to call friends and acquaintances to let them know of your job search. And what if you got some coaching in preparing your resume and narrowing your search to companies which would most likely need your skills? Cooperating with God means you do what you can do and trust God to do the rest.


A few years ago I was inspired to write a book about how to cooperate with God to see changes happen in your life. Many times we don’t see God manifest Himself because we haven’t learned how to cooperate with Him. That is why I titled the book, “Cooperating With God.”

I designed this book to reach people who are wondering why God doesn’t seem to be working in their lives. In the book, you will learn the specific practical and spiritual actions to take which will open the door for God’s enabling power to be demonstrated.

What actions can you take to cooperate with God to see your particular needs met? How have you seen this principle work in your life in the past?

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